terça-feira, abril 20, 2010

Não resisti a copiar...


No, we are not ALWAYS reading your mind (just sometimes).And yes, we are good people!

1- We always guess what you want for your birthday/christmas/valentines day without talking.

2- We can read body language (quite useful sometimes).

3- We can guess when when someone is lying to you (unless the other person is a psychologist as well).

4- You can always talk about sex with us, we are used to it.

5- Male psychologists are used to live among women so you don´t have to bother about "the non-uderstanding" about women nature/mind.We know how to translate it (and we do it so well)!.

6- We are human as well, so we do have problems that we, as well, don´t know how to solve them.

7- We know when to talk and when to shut our mouth (usefull one), we valuate silence.

8- We know how to act when surrounded by thousands of women without mouth watering, so you should know that when you´re dating a psychologist , he´ll be loyal and never look to another girl (unless it´s jessica alba).

9- Psychologists are legends, the others are just statistics.

10- Want to grow a healthy family?Marry a psychologist.

11-Psychologists are good cookers, we know how to make vegetables happy.

12- Be careful about how you seat, how you touch your hair, why do you wet your lips, the way you stare, the way you smile, the way you dispose your feet and how you cross your legs, whom your body is in front , all that can be signals you are sending. And for you disgrace, we know what that means. Trully, psychologists already rule the world.

13- Female psychologists are diferent because they understand guys mind, so when you´re talking with a psychologist don´t mind if she´s understanding you, she trully is getting everything!!!!You won´t find this in any other girls!

14-Psychology is an holistic job, know why?Engineers talk with buildings and bridges; medics talk with sick people or people already dead, writters talk with blank pages; economists talk with numbers and about numbers,jornalists talk about things that already happened or things that aren´t sure that will happen,and so on; what about psychologists?They know and explain the reasons why the rest of the world is focused on one single thing!We may say that psychology is the hand on the wheel of the world.

15- Because of Pavlov, we can teach things to your dog/cat and develop a trully and rich relation based on cientific knowledge.

16- No matter how many alcool a psychologist has drunk, he is always sober. They just adapt to the sudden modifications of the social context (and the modification of the vision). So, he can always explain the bio-psico-physiological factors that are occuring in your body as well!Isn´t that great???We are life long teachers...

17- For a psychologist, there is no such thing like ugly people, just people with the visual area quite or little damaged, because we are all beautiful! (Yes, everybody...this is positive psichology).

18- A psychologist never ask no one to date, they just want to help your personal development, you are helping him /her as well to be a person in the future!

19- A psychologist is never wrong, the problem is that you´re watching the whole thing from another point of view!


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Ana disse...

Acho que também vou levar... =D

Espiral disse...

Eh partilhar, partilhar =D

R. disse...

É suposto eu agora dizer que tu és a maior apenas por seres uma psicóloga? =P

Espiral disse...

Tens razão. Não sou a maior "apenas" por ser psicóloga, sou a maior porque sou eu =P

Não escrevo, há quem o faça melhor

É tão isto.